Afternoon guys.. I was this morning in a quite moody state n i asked myself this question that often comes to my mind, what more can i do to secure myself firmly in the cohorts of the heavenlybounds n something came on each and every moment in my mind questioning me and putting me to test.. It said to me you are no near enough to think of that for yeah you are heavenly bound yet you can do exactly nothing to earn yourself a place there only by a divine help..

Ephesians 1:3-10..talks about this predestine adoption and selection that the good God did so that we may enjoy the grace but still I felt i would do something..

2nd Corinthians 13:5..examine yourself, test yourself weather you are in the faith.. Yeah it s all out there guys.. I just need to put myself on the scale of test you Know..we are made with the capa sure for we all know when we err n when we are right.

Many at times we have hear summons n readings, quotes hear n there but what about you talking to you n putting yourself to the test brethren.. You know what you abhor as a believer n you know what you like..how do you create n atmosphere where the judge ain’t someone else but you.. Put yourself in an evaluation n ask yourself all this questions.. Are you surely walking this walk for you sincerely know no doubt.

We often at times tried to subject other intriguing n scotching Verses unto Perversion to suit us morally yet we all know what the meaning is.

We ought to know if Christ Jesus was in Us, by the influences, graces, and indwelling of his Spirit, by his kingdom set up in tour hearts. Let us question our own souls; either we are true Christians, or we are deceivers. Unless Christ be in us by his Spirit, and power of his love, our faith is dead, and we are yet disapproved by our Judge.

Regards Aggrey Felix