Hello folks.. It has been long since I shared something.. I have been studying deeply about hearing from God n not just hearing but the right hearing n knowing rightly that what you are hearing is the voice of one true God..I have read many articles coupled with clips and the best of all the Holy Bible. I have come up with a useful article and I wish it helps you too.. Welcome.

God uses a number of methods to communicate with us:

  • He speaks through His Word,
  • the Holy Spirit,
  • as well as through people and circumstances.

God has specific purposes for imparting His thoughts to us. Namely, He desires that we comprehend His truth so that it can shape our life and so that we can share His good news with others. But if God has a particular intention for communicating with us, we have to ask, what happens when we fail to listen?

We can find the answer at the beginning of the Bible, in the account of Adam and Eve. We know that God spoke very clearly to the fist man (Genesis 2:16-17), instructing him not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

This issue is that the first man and woman understood perfectly (Genesis 3:2-3) but did not obey. Their disobedience marks the beginning of man’s sin problem which has plagued the human race throughout all history. Every person born thereafter – with the single exception of the Lord Jesus Christ – came into this world with a sinful nature originating from Adam. That means that you and I have never met a perfect person. All sin, suffering, heartache, problems, war bloodshed and violence can be traced back to its origin in the Garden of Eden.

Unfortunately, what occurred in the first family centuries ago has been happening in some form with every family since. As with Adam and Eve, once we have received God’s instructions, we, too, are accountable for what we have heard or read. We can avoid much heartache and trouble by heeding the Lord’s communication; failure to listen results in severe repercussions.

By studying the account in Genesis 3, we can identify eight consequences of ignoring the Lord’s instructions:

We End up Listening to the Wrong Voices (verses 1-2)
Eve had unmistakably heard God correctly. But, even having understood, she began to listen to another voice. The serpent spoke and inserted a question mark into her recollection of the Lord’s words: “Indeed, has God said…?” The woman allowed herself to be drawn into conversation with him. The voice she listened to was unfamiliar – it was the voice of neither her Creator not her husband, yet she paid attention and allowed it to supersede God’s clear instruction. As a result, she fell into sin – just like anyone today who stops listening to God and offers an ear to Satan.

Consider how many voices we hear in a given day. What we read and hear continually bombards our minds, hearts, souls and spirits. Between the television, the radio, the newspaper and magazines – not to mention the opinions of friends and coworkers – we are barraged with vain, erroneous, non-biblical, ungodly philosophy. And we have to choose whether or not to listen to it. When we fail to heed God’s words or to continually remind ourselves of scriptural principles, we begin to listen to wrong voices and then we drift away from God.

We are Easily Deceived (verse 4)
Notice how Satan takes what God says and distorts it. The Lord told Adam and Eve that if they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they would “surely die” (Genesis 2:17). Satan uses just enough truth to sound credible, but then embellishes ever so slightly: “You surely will not die!” It is Satan’s nature to lie and deceive, “because there is not truth in him…he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44).

Satan deceives with what he knows will appeal, not the truth. He says, “You need this,” and “you ought to have that” and “this is exactly what you have been looking for.” He probably said, “Now, Eve, you need to get the full picture: God does not want you to know what He knows, because the day you eat of that tree’s fruit, you are going to be just like God.” It so happens that Eve did learn some things when she partook. How many of have learned some things we wish we never knew?

We are Expressing Pride and Independence
The ultimate root of all sin is pride – it is the equivalent of our saying that we know better than God and can handle the situation our own way. This is in reality an act of rebellion, because it is impossible to know better than an omniscient, all-wise God. His commands are not given to make life dull; every single “though shalt not” in the Bible is an expression of His love and protection for His children.

We Make Decisions that Appeal to the Flesh (verse 6)
Satan never tempts us by offering spiritual growth, improved prayer life or more effective ways to share our faith. No, Satan always appeals to the flesh, not to the spirit. There is nothing wrong with our God-given desires; but Satan takes these legitimate longings and, with our cooperation, gets them out of balance. As he did with Eve, the Devil appeals to three yearnings we all have – human appetites, beauty and knowledge. The he twists them so that instead of simply desiring and enjoying them, we begin to lust after them and be controlled by them. So what God gave in freedom ends up enslaving us. By relying on the Holy Spirit, however, we can have the wisdom and direction to keep yearnings within the parameters God designed for us.

We Excuse our Wrongs and Blame Other People (verses 12-13)
When God asked Adam why he was hiding, he immediately pointed the finger at Eve. In fact, there is even a sense of his blaming God for having given him the woman! In turn, Eve blamed the serpent. Neither one could rightly pass the blame because they both new the command and were therefore responsible. Besides, the Devil cannot make a believer do anything; we may consent to give in to his temptation, but we are ultimately accountable for that decision. People today blame everyone from parents and coworkers to society itself. But we must recognize that “passing the buck” does not solve anything and that we ourselves are responsible before God for our choices and behaviour.

We Suffer the Consequences (verses 14-19)
All three parties involved had to face the results of their disobedience. Satan was sentenced to eventual condemnation. God announced that woman would be ruled by man and would experience pain in childbirth. He also declared that man would have to leave the garden and toil laboriously to earn a living. Furthermore, humans would from here on experience death.

At this point, some people look at the penalties and see only harshness. However, what God did amidst His justice – amidst His judgment of their sin – was to make a way for the man and woman to be forgiven and cleansed. If he did not provide a remedy for the situation, mankind would now be eternally and hopelessly separated from Him. So, “…the Lord God made garment of skin.” In the very first book of the Bible, we see not only the justice of God but also His grace, doing for Adam and Eve what they absolutely could never have done for themselves. They would not have known what to do, now would they have known how to do it.

And if you have never trusted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you are just as helpless as Adam and Eve were. The only possible way your sins are going to be forgiven is for you to come to the Cross, where Jesus Christ died. The covering of our sin is strictly by the grace of Almighty God, and it is symbolized in the shedding of the blood and providing of the skins.

We Cause Others Around us to Suffer (verses 6, 17-19)
We have seen how sin and its resulting misery extended from the first woman to the first man where she gave him the forbidden fruit. Anguish continued to spread as sin further poisoned their family: the Bible records that Adam and Eve’s firstborn son Cain murdered his younger brother Abel. So in the earth’s very first family, we witness murder, jealousy and strife. Down through the centuries, Satan has in one way or another had his impact of discord, turmoil or bloodshed in all families. Everyone is affected because sin is not something that we can isolate. In other words, if you and I sin against God, we are going to hurt somebody else.

We Miss out on God’s Best 
When God created Adam and Eve, He intended that they live in the Garden of Eden with all of its absolute perfection. There, God had provided for their every possible need, and in addition, they felt no guilt of shame (Genesis 2:25). Yet they chose to disobey, and as a result, the first family suffered horrible consequences, including being cast out of their flawless environment.

The Good News 
Although sin has spread to the entire human race, there is good news: You can be forgiven of your sin. But there is only one way, and that is by receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. Keep God’s words and doctrines ever before you – by frequently and regularly spending time in the Bible, by participating in corporate worship, by building your knowledge and applying it to your life, principle by principle. If you constantly refresh your heart and mind with God’s truth, you will be able to resist the lure of competing voices.

thanks guys for joining up, lets be blessed together..happy new month🙏.Regards Aggrey Felix.


Afternoon guys.. I was this morning in a quite moody state n i asked myself this question that often comes to my mind, what more can i do to secure myself firmly in the cohorts of the heavenlybounds n something came on each and every moment in my mind questioning me and putting me to test.. It said to me you are no near enough to think of that for yeah you are heavenly bound yet you can do exactly nothing to earn yourself a place there only by a divine help..

Ephesians 1:3-10..talks about this predestine adoption and selection that the good God did so that we may enjoy the grace but still I felt i would do something..

2nd Corinthians 13:5..examine yourself, test yourself weather you are in the faith.. Yeah it s all out there guys.. I just need to put myself on the scale of test you Know..we are made with the capa sure for we all know when we err n when we are right.

Many at times we have hear summons n readings, quotes hear n there but what about you talking to you n putting yourself to the test brethren.. You know what you abhor as a believer n you know what you like..how do you create n atmosphere where the judge ain’t someone else but you.. Put yourself in an evaluation n ask yourself all this questions.. Are you surely walking this walk for you sincerely know no doubt.

We often at times tried to subject other intriguing n scotching Verses unto Perversion to suit us morally yet we all know what the meaning is.

We ought to know if Christ Jesus was in Us, by the influences, graces, and indwelling of his Spirit, by his kingdom set up in tour hearts. Let us question our own souls; either we are true Christians, or we are deceivers. Unless Christ be in us by his Spirit, and power of his love, our faith is dead, and we are yet disapproved by our Judge.

Regards Aggrey Felix

That secret sin….really??

My long walk with this secret sin of masturbation has been the worst part and regrets of my life, i gonna be frank and i i wanna make it to you my dear reader for whatever you see in me is a courageous, brave personality one who battled and won over an iniquity all praises and Glory to God.A m quite sure we do have all sorts of secret iniquities we are struggling with and when Hebrews 10:26 comes aboard we are left wondering how and when to stop,,you wont that is the bitter truth the gravest thing with this is that its habitual and kind of addictive and no matter how you promise yourself and swear you won’t till it takes a divine power and the intervention of the Most high God.

This is my story…I know you got yours and what keeps you from sharing it ain’t cowardice but normality.

It all started back in primary school, I was meek and stupid and rather backward but was very bright class-wise, I was in class seven still tiny and never near any puberty pressures and any news to do with relationship and sex was kind of foolish, one day on our way home a fellow pupil suggests that if you are bathing and you happen to rub your manhood with soapy hands hard you will feel good and kind of ejaculate..i never laughed so hard in my life for I felt like that was the most foolish and most funny or stupid thing ever said..I treated it as mere deceit and forgot about it altogether.

years later when i was already grown up and had my feelings with me i was having my bath and all that pupil said flashed back to me and i was like let me try what that bastard had suggested years earlier..i went through the preliminaries and wonder of wonders i felt good and everything happened just like he had said not knowing that this would be the struggle of my life years to come.

ii did all this in my free time,whenever i felt like am sexually aroused,whenever i was idle,but sooner rather than later it took the better of me in that one thing led to the other for pornography settled in and day and night i craved for this arousing videos and pictures just to feel satisfied after masturbation.lust set in and now i was a slave of my own doing.I got born again in 2014 knowing maybe this would all stop but i was wrong for i was already ensnared to the addiction of this..it would take days without doing it but sooner i would find myself doing it.i struggled each moment in that the feeling of pleasure was now gone and i was serving my addiction..i would look very smart when going to church on Sunday morning and one thing remained that i would have masturbated when bathing that morning..i was sick and tired and relying on my own strength each and every moment making promises and even praying but solely taking it upon myself that i would stop whenever i wanted to..i was already a slave and it would never take my own strength or might to free myself..i would sing in church,look so holy,pray in tongues and even lead church services but back home whenever i was alone, was doing the contrary..the bible says in 2nd Corinthians 13:5 that we should examine our self deeply whether we are in the faith and The book of Hebrews 10:26 continues to point out that Dear friends, if we deliberately continue sinning after we have received knowledge of the truth, there is no longer any sacrifice that will cover these sins..but all this was just like a hot knife cutting deep through my already wounded hurt,, i wanted a break brethren, I came face to face with Philippians 2:1313 For it is [not your strength, but it is] [a]God who is effectively at work in you, both to will and to work [that is, strengthening, energizing, and creating in you the longing and the ability to fulfill your purpose] for His good pleasure..He surely intervened and claimed my soul from the bondage of this iniquity.

my friend i know this is kind of shameful and outright downgrading but would i be in the bondage still it would be but it is never me, for this guys is new and has been made whole by the conditionally unconditional love of our Lord God and His son our redeemer.

you may be struggling yes we are all humans but that moment you understand that it aint you but someone bigger,more stronger,wiser and Holier then all struggles become futile,,He has lifted me from doom to light and i can only say Abbah Father.why struggle all alone yet He is fully here for you..how i wish that you realize that soon enough for the secret sin is more lethal that cancer for it will kill you physically and spiritually..that was him now i got to say i am new.

I searched through the Earth for something that could satisfy
A peace for the hurt I had buried deep inside
Knees on the floor, I finally found everything I needed
You lifted my soul and opened up my eyesAnd I never knew anything lasts forever
Till I found You, till I found You
I never dreamed anything could be better
Till I found You, till I found YouYou’re rewriting my story
And I’m brand new like a morning
Oh, I never knew anything lasts forever
Till I found You..how i wish you too.

regards Felix aggrey


Psalms 121:1 I look up to the mountains; does my strength come from mountains? 2 No, my strength comes from God, who made heaven, and earth, and mountains. 3 He won’t let you stumble, your Guardian God won’t fall asleep.

In my former life as a presumed christian, first i grew in a church going family,was cultured into believing that was righteousness enough, then i took a step and knelt and went through the preliminaries of the so called salvation process for i thought i was awakened and was on the road to regeneration but it was self bound glory and self worth i was after,,i was baptized by water not the holy spirit.

i indulged myself in reading more about God nonetheless..i realized what i was reading or studying was to become vocal in arguments and to be in a position to at least get a point out when discussions arise,,I WAS WRONG.

I went as far as trying to convince myself that the salvation i got was futile and i was easily convinced by a friend who just stated 10 points why God ain’t there and i believed,I grew so valiant and zealous unto this course and even started studying into details how i would at least too argue out why He is not there but just mad people’s assumption.the articles were readily available and the arguments quite convincing.i was lost and lost into this so deeply that some things were at stake when i considered this course much more important.

much took place while i as in my own world of atheism and i would take a whole blog writing it out but that us not the message of this blog, the message of this blog is the reverse timeline creation, how do you get snapped out of your reverie and told that your comfort is futile and the course that you pursue is vanity. Hard it may be but that what selection and being an elect sounds like.Unconditional election (also known as unconditional grace) is a Reformed doctrine relating to Predestination that describes the actions and motives of God in eternity past, before he created the world, where he predestined some people to receive salvation, the elect, and the rest he left to continue in their sins and receive the just punishment, eternal damnation, for their transgressions of God’s law as outlined in the old and new Testaments of the Bible. God made these choices according to his own purposes apart from any conditions or qualities related to those persons

As i write this blog i am confident enough and sure enough that am one of the elects,for salvation is not something to be doubtful about you have to be sure,feel that confidence,be driven with that conviction that you have received the son-ship title.

The creation of the reverse timeline happened like this dear one,,as i was lost in my reverie, my stupid comfort zone n heading straight to hell because of my lack of knowledge(Hosea 4:6) an age mate of mine visited our church(place and time and name anonymous) he was a young zealous young man,He convinced me enough that i had a potential but not i the earthly things i was pursuing but as one of the elects,he shared with me a lot about salvation and it became clear to me that all the knowledge,the studies i did were rubbish , had i put the same effort in what is right before the Lord then i would have been far.

He convinced that all was not lost,we became accountability partners and to date i still cherish the fact that at least God used someone to reach out to someone who was so lost as me, i listened attentively to every thing and drunk hungrily the true words of Gospel and became as zealous as always only this time for the right course.

Brethren i think at least you have always convinced yourself that maybe the course you pursue is the right course but how right can you be if someone else questions it, i came to face the Holy spirit and drunk in its intervention and reign, can you proudly say that to someone else.

we convince ourselves that we got baptized or maybe we grow up in Christians family or maybe you think there is nothing like salvation,that is futile course,i came face to face with the baptism of the holy spirit and i yearn that at least someone too can make that testimony without shame or guilt.there is no salvation where the holy spirit is not involved.

you become saved or a son only when the holy spirit fruits show in your daily life,are you gentle enough,are you patient with life and its characters, do you love,are you faithful and obedient to the course you chose,are you hospitable and humble,are you joyful and you persevere in the midst of thus suffering that makes you strong in the walk of faith..

I was always craving and yearning for human approval and praise from men and i tried hard to always stay vocal in my argument,clearly i lacked everything that the holy spirit entails.

How i wish you too get that right and write or create your own reverse timeline and you will proudly say its a good feeling being and elect.

Ephesians 1:4-11 just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy and blameless before Him In love He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, which He freely bestowed on us in the Beloved.read more.
In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace which He lavished on us. In all wisdom and insight He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him with a view to an administration suitable to the fullness of the times, that is, the summing up of all things in Christ, things in the heavens and things on the earth. In Him also we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to His purpose who works all things after the counsel of His will,

am proud to be an elect so should you.and am glad God intervened into helping me create a reverse timeline.it aint easy pals,,the road is still rocky but the tough get going



If Not He is still good..yeah He still good..The ongoing tension of students unrest found me at the wrong place at the wrong time n it landed me little bit of trouble..I was beaten,battered and harrased infront of people yet i never took part in any of these.I took leave like the rest and found a place to be during tge unrest yet a policeman followed me from the latrine and accused me wrongfully of throwing stones..i never resisted when he called me not knowing he had uncouth things in mind..he arrested me n took me to the others who beaten me up n locked me in their van.
One told me that my days with campus were over and that noone would help me..He was wrong for whenever he said that i just silently said.”you are wrong for am an ambassador of the most high God..he would fight for me..i was wrongly accused and the Lord knew it too..another one more sensible came on n looked at my hands and suggested that i dont look like one who could throw a stone..he asked me what coukd make me prove my innocence n i said God knows too n he asked me to show if I was born again..i just showed him my PUCU departmental families..he let me go..i do not take delight that i was beaten yet i was innocent but I delight in the fact that Lord is still good..He fought my battle for me today..
What i want to say that many too suffer yet they are not involved,,those who stay in the school has nowhere to go..those who were busy with classes can not go on because the satan is in control,,there are very many diplomacy ways of solving this unrest but violence has never n will never solve anything..there will always be consequences of whatever decisions we take..we yet suffer in the decisions and choices we didnt make..how i wish we pray hard for this institution..how i pray that this unrest be in one of our prayer item in this week prayers..the Lord will always show the way I believe..am not hurt so much i thank God but it sickens me when this goes on to disrupt the peace we would wish to have wherever we are…HE STILL GOOD
Where were you?? ..many a times we view our suffering as a source of questions to God and even see it as a source of unbelief in one true God..you goes on to justify and validate this uncouth sentence that if God were too powerful why does he allows such a such a thing to happen.
First we need to understand,He is who He is period..His ways will always be incomprehensible to the human mind n He doesn’t have an explanation for whatever He does. Why do we then ask why,why without glorifying Him in the midst of all this.
Many times I say our suffering should be a source of courage for as believers we took the yoke and burden Jesus Christ called us for n in our walk of Faith,suffering will be part n parcel of it n how you view it will be what make or break you..taking up courage brings in perseverence and endurance needed to conquer similar situations in future.
God does everything for His glory..in as much as He does not delight in His people suffering but He delight more in seeing you Trust Him more n cultivate courage in the midst of all that, it will glorify His name n there is nothing more you were created for than for the glory of God.Take up courage for it ain’t your battle..its the Lord’s. Do not take up arms in a war you know very well aint yours, delight in the peace,strength and assurance you get in the Lord.

Th Greatest pleasure.

What is the greatest pleasure one can have in this world,,what’s the greatest comfort than we have that Jesus paid it all juat by three words everything changed..”it is finished”..He said..the pleasure that the death that stared at me ready to devour every sinew,every bone n marrow in my body is no more..What’s your greatest pleasure brethren??..get we were still sinners He died for us.
I have come to realize that salavation is everything to do with God.for it His purpose n glory to decide to save us through His son,He Himself provides the Faith to which we believe in,He himself elects us into His flock. Thats the greatest Pleasure..where do i find my pleasure in the midst of all this that happen in the world today..2 Timothy:3.2
For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
2 Timothy:3.3
unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good..that is the world today..but in the midst of all this i still have the greatest pleasure that this shall come to pass and in my fight for the kingdom i shall conquer and reign with him.Colossians:2.15
Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it. …MY GREATEST PLEASURE LIES IN THE ASSURANCE THAT HE PAID IT ALL

when the going gets tough,the tough gets going.

When the going gets tough we say the tough gets going but what keeps you going n not stumbling when you go?,,i have walked the faith and whenever i do stumbles there is an assurance that the lord i believe in is risen n that’s enough,,it keeps be among the tough for i know Him n he too knows me by my name,,am proud he elected me and am among His sheep,,God tells Joshua,just as He was with Moses he will be with him too.if He is for us who can be against us,,Isaiah 40:31 says that those who wait upon the Lord shall mount like eagles,shall walk n not be weary,shall run but not faint.that is a true meaning of the tough going despite all the physicality of the journey for we know the source of strength,,WE WAIT UPON THE LRD.