Where were you?? ..many a times we view our suffering as a source of questions to God and even see it as a source of unbelief in one true God..you goes on to justify and validate this uncouth sentence that if God were too powerful why does he allows such a such a thing to happen.
First we need to understand,He is who He is period..His ways will always be incomprehensible to the human mind n He doesn’t have an explanation for whatever He does. Why do we then ask why,why without glorifying Him in the midst of all this.
Many times I say our suffering should be a source of courage for as believers we took the yoke and burden Jesus Christ called us for n in our walk of Faith,suffering will be part n parcel of it n how you view it will be what make or break you..taking up courage brings in perseverence and endurance needed to conquer similar situations in future.
God does everything for His glory..in as much as He does not delight in His people suffering but He delight more in seeing you Trust Him more n cultivate courage in the midst of all that, it will glorify His name n there is nothing more you were created for than for the glory of God.Take up courage for it ain’t your battle..its the Lord’s. Do not take up arms in a war you know very well aint yours, delight in the peace,strength and assurance you get in the Lord.

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